US Youth Soccer

Fall 2019 SCSCL
Venue: CBSC Summerville Complex

Venue Information
Venue: CBSC Summerville Complex
Address: 130 Walden Ridge Way
Summerville, SC  29485-8944
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Web Site: -
Directions: NO PETS ALLOWED, PLEASE COMPLY (From Columbia & Greenville) Take I-26 toward Charleston and take the College Park exit, Exit 203A. Turn right on to College Park Road and go thru the 1st light (78). At the next T-intersection turn right onto Ladson Road. Go over the railroad and at the 4th light turn right on to Midland Parkway. The next light is Trolley Road (Burger King on your left and Arby�s across on right). Go straight across onto Travelers Blvd and turn right at SSC sign onto Walden Ridge.

Fields At This Venue
No Field Name Description Status Schedule
1 Field 1 11v11 Lights CLOSED: 10/20/2019 --
1A Field 1A (9v9) 9v9 CLOSED: 10/20/2019 --
1B Field 1B (9v9) 9v9 CLOSED: 10/20/2019 --
2 Field 2 11v11 CLOSED: 10/20/2019 --
2A Field 2A 7v7 OPEN --
2B Field 2B 7v7 OPEN --
3 Field 3 11v11 Lights CLOSED: 10/19/2019 Schedule
4 Field 4 11v11 CLOSED: 10/20/2019 Schedule
5 Field 5 11v11 CLOSED: 10/20/2019 Schedule
6 Field 6 (9v9) 9v9 CLOSED: 10/20/2019 --
6A Field 6A 7v7 CLOSED: 10/20/2019 --
6B Field 6B 7v7 CLOSED: 10/20/2019 --
6H Field 6 11v11 CLOSED: 10/20/2019 --
7 Field 7 (9v9) 9v9 CLOSED: 10/20/2019 --
7A Field 7A (7v7) 7v7 OPEN --
7B Field 7B (7v7) 7v7 OPEN --
D1 Field D1 (7v7) 7v7 OPEN --
D2 Field D2 (7v7) 7v7 OPEN --
D3 Field D3 (9v9) 9v9 OPEN --
G1 Field G1 (7v7) 7v7 OPEN --
G2 Field G2 (7v7) 7v7 OPEN --
H1 Field H1 (7v7) 7v7 OPEN --
H2 Field H2 (7v7) 7v7 OPEN --
I Field I 11v11 OPEN --
J1 Field J1 (9v9) 9v9 OPEN --
K2 Field K2 (7v7) 7v7 OPEN --
K3 Field K3 (9v9) 9v9 CLOSED: 10/20/2019 --